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IoT Business Models and Monetizing IoT Ideas

As per many predictions, IoT is a multi trillion dollar value creation opportunity. And everyone is trying to position themselves as a comprehensive end to end player in that space. This includes Appliance manufacturers- Samsung, LG, Hitachi [...]

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Computer Vision – Grand Dad of All IoT Sensors

Human body is the most efficient and powerful system that exists and is a result of evolution over millions of years. And it would make complete sense to emulate its mechanism as we build modern systems. IoT or “enchanted objects” as I like to [...]

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Drone Port Mesh Network (Delivery Logistics Solved)

Shawn is bewildered, forgot to buy gift for his daughter Eli’s birthday today and its already 7 p.m in the evening. He has recently shifted to the row houses on the outskirts of Hyderabad near to the bypass where he can skip almost the entire [...]

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The Emergence Of A New IT Professional – IoT Full Stack Experts

There have been two distinct worlds in the computing world. Physical world represented by the Electronics [which includes hardware, RF, embedded and related technologies] and Virtual world represented by Software [which includes databases, web [...]

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Internet of Things: Vision 2020

The promise of IoT is coming true.. today. Possibilities are expanding each day and on the ground traction is gathering force across domains. Challenges remain, but the wave is now unstoppable and has washed ashore already. Having trained 1000+ [...]

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