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IOT Starter Kit


Why IoT?

IoT is leading to Millions of Jobs Worldwide
Every device above 100$ will be IoT Enabled in future
IoT is today where Internet was in 90’s
and cloud was in 2004 and Bigdata was in 2010.

Gartner Predicts that Billions of devices will be IoT Enabled Worldwide


Student Skill Development in IoT

IoT Kit

What does the Kit Consists of ?

IoT starter kit contain the components required to understand the concepts of IoT.

This kit contains six different sensors which include both analog and digital. It supports two types of communication channels WIFI and GPRS.

This kit gives an understanding about the analog and digital sensors, how to connect them to the controller and generate data and communicate the data to cloud

Different types of POC’s like home automation, logistics and many more can be built on this kit.


Student Skill Development in IoT

Build a Smart Home Using IoT Kit

Home Automation-Peter’ smart Home- Peter is moving to a new house and he wants his new house to be a Smart Home.

As you run a Home Automation Company, Peter approaches you to make his home IoT enabled. Initially, Peter wants the following features to be tested:


Security–Detection of any Human Presence


Opening and Closing of Doors


Smart Lighting


Temperature monitoring of the House


Humidity monitoring of the house


Remote Power Monitoring

Student Skill Development in IoT

IoT Kit for Smart Home

Type of Sensors Used

PIR–Any human Intrusion (Security Solution)

Reed Switch – Opening and Closing of Doors

LDR, PIR–Smart Lighting

Temperature Sensors–House Temperature

Octo Coupler-Power Control

Student Skill Development in IoT

IoT Kit for Smart Home

How to build a Home Automation using IoT Kit?

Connect the Sensors to controller board that has LCD to display data

Connect the Controller board to PC through USB Cabl

Write a given program to establish connection to Controller Board

You will get the Sensor reading on the LCD

Establish a connection to Cloud and send the data using WiFi

Read the Sensor Data in the cloud

Perform Control functions

Student Skill Development in IoT

What will the Student Gain?


Learn Basic Concept of IoT

Get to know Type of Analog & Digital Sensors used for various applications

Get an exposure to real life IoT Application in Smart Home

Learn about various communication mechanism

Provides a platform to start thinking & building smart solutions for various applications