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Osmosis – IoT Platform

    • Streams data from any IoT device.
    • Provides out of the box big data analytics and dashboards.
    • Helps manage your devices and assets in intuitive manner.
    • Scales from prototype to enterprise scale without change.

    How to integrate with Osmosis?

    • Create a free account.
    • Start sending data securely using our intuitive REST API.
    • Create your alerts, business rules and triggers.
    • You are now all set to manage your IoT deployments.
    • Reduce time required for developing and deploying your IoT solution.
    • Get seamless access to the platform through Osmosis Gateway to further reduce your development costs and time.
    • Or develop your own mechanism to connect using standard REST APIs.
    • Get peace of mind by leaving high availability, security and access to us and the best in the industry.
    • No initial costs or capital investments for your development and deployment.
    • Industry beating pay per use cost structure ensuring minimal Total Cost of Ownership.
    • Get bespoke customization and development for your unique requirements and reporting needs.
    • Industry beating cost structure ensuring minimal Total Cost of Ownership.
    • Integrate with your IT systems again with easy REST API.
    • Leverage our state of art call center to manage your automation needs.

    Osmosis Gateway Product Overview


    Axelta I7 GateWay



    • Support for Multiple Inputs
    • Modbus / RS485
    • Analog
    • RS232
    • Digital

    Independent & Multiple Wireless

    • 2G / 3G
    • WiFi
    • BLE

    Cloud Configurable

    • Can be defined and modified in Real Time
    • No of Parameters
    • Frequency
    • Conversions
    • Source Ports

    Over the Air Updateable with Logging

    • Entire Firmware Can
      be modified from the Cloud
    • Extensive Logging to resolve any issues remotely
    Axelta I7 gateway

    Axelta I7 GateWay Details

    I7 gateway Details

    I7 Specification Parameters


    Osmosis  s7 Gateway

    • Real-Time Over the air updateable
    • Powerful ARM Cortex A7 processor
    • 1 GB RAM, Inbuilt 3 GB storage
    • 2G and 3G Cellular Connectivity
    • WiFi connectivity
    • 12+ hours battery back up
    • Supported Wireless Protocols
      • Bluetooth
      • Bluetooth Low Energy
      • WiFi
    • GPS and AGPS enabled
    • 5 MP camera
    • Image on Demand and Video on Demand using the camera
    • State of the art security like live pulse, AES and TLS encryption
    • Voice enabled
    • Two way real time communication
    • IP65 conformant for outdoor usage
    • Already integrated with Axelta IoT Ecosystem for rapid market deployment
    • Can be customized to add sensors and actuators as well as change the program logic using high level languages like Java, Python, etc
    Osmosis S7 Gateway



    Osmosis  Gateway


    • Osmosis Gateway is a plug and play device for IoT deployments.It supports wide range of power input, is location aware and supports RF based communication for wireless sensor networks along with battery backup.
    • Our unique stackable design enables support for all RF based local communication including ZigBee, Bluetooth, BLE and custom protocols.
    • Osmosis Gateway support 2G, 3G, WiFi and other channels for cloud / server communication.
    Responsive image

    • 2G / 3G and WiFi based two way communication
    • GPS support
    • RS232, RS485, SPI, I2C and 10 GPIO support for integrating multiple systems
    • RTOS for multi threaded and complex deployments and application
    • Support libraries available for TCP/IP, Rest over HTTP/HTTPS and CoAP protocols.
    • In-built power backup option
    • Option available for using Osmosis SDK for customizing your solution and your firmware logic
    • Integrates seamlessly with Osmosis Cloud platform for streaming data, dashboards, analytics, maintenance, alerts and workflow management
    • Option available to directly operate and control using smart phone and BLE interface
    Power supply 90V to 270V AC
    Backup Battery Li-ion (3.7V,1500mAh)
    Micro controller ARM Cortex M3 Series
    Working temperature 10~50 °C
    Working humidity Max 95%RH
    Communication Mode 2G, 3G, WiFi
    GPS L1 - 1575.42 MHz
    O/S Free RTOS
    Protocols TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, CoAP
    RF Protocols ZigBee, Bluetooth 4.0, Custom
    Dimensions 140 x 120 x 40 ( L x W x H )
    Connectors RS232/485, SPI, I2C and USB
    Memory SD Card and EEPROM
    I/O Ports 10 GPIO and ADCs


    • Security Systems.
    • Healthcare Monitors.
    • SCADA – Industrial Automation
    • Commercial and home security and automation
    • Tower Monitoring System
    • Power Plants
    • Cold storage Monitor and control
    • DG Set control and Monitor
    • Energy Management System
    • Plant/ Industry Monitoring System Mobile and Cloud/ Intranet Application
    • End to End Solution for monitoring and Controlling.



    Intuitively manage your devices and assets from anywhere in the world through our mobile and web applications or through our REST API. Add custom properties to your devices, categorize them and easily control access.


    Control access to your assets, reports and activities performed on them through our flexible and powerful access control system that ensures granular control with utmost ease.


    Create your business rules, events, triggers and alarms using our meta data driven rules engine that leverages Complex Event Processing to get you really powerful way to leverage the power of Internet of Things.






    Harness the real power of Internet of Things using our "out of the box" reports and analytics with minimal efforts that powers you with business intelligence to compete in the market place.


    Use our REST API to access your device, asset, user and project information as well as device data that helps you easily integrate with any ERP or IT system to make them IoT enabled.


    Leverage from our library of customizable events or create your own events to automate workflows that helps you manage your business or product needs with ease.






    Build your custom workflows using events, business rules and UI based rules to initiate actions based on real time data as well as machine learning and predictive capabilities of the system. We can also work with you to build your specific ontologies to get best outcomes.




    Stream data from your IoT devices using REST API with the ability to use other emerging protocols like CoAP and MQTT as well as raw TCP / IP. You can also leverage our OSMOSIS Gateway that seamlessly integrates with the platform.




    A unique feature of OSMOSIS platform is its design keeping for having command and call centers for critical areas that need human decision making and action. You can also leverage our call center for best economies of scale, costs and our expertise.






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